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The Recruitment Process

The recruitment process that we have developed is straightforward and uncomplicated. Our objective is to identify and present for your evaluation a panel of solid candidates who are capable of meeting the immediate needs of your organization and who will continue contributing to its long-term success. The elements of a successful search process include the following components.

Onsite client meetings are designed to develop appropriate position specifications and to establish effective communication channels with key decision-makers.

The design of your unique search process would include development of a well-defined target list, direct sourcing of recognized healthcare leaders and networking within professional organizations.

Candidate identification is followed by personal and in-depth interviews designed to evaluate level of interest and potential for success.

Verification of resume information includes employment history, academic achievement, professional licenses and personal involvement in professional and community-service organizations.

Written presentations on all final candidates incorporate detailed resume information and comprehensive reference evaluations.

Management of the onsite candidate interview process and participation in employment negotiations are integral parts of our recruitment process.

Continued growth as a premier consulting firm rests solely on our professional reputation, which has been developed through satisfied clients and candidates. We commit to completing projects for you as quickly as possible, while maintaining our standards of professionalism. Presentation of candidates typically occurs from six to eight weeks following confirmation of an assignment.

Our recruitment process includes a one-year placement guarantee.


While other firms continue to base their fees on a percentage of the candidate's annual salary, we charge a fixed professional fee reflective of the particular project that we have been engaged to manage. Our professional fee for conducting assignments is based on the complexity and time necessary to complete the search, payable on a retainer basis. We also charge for expenses incurred on your behalf, including travel, telephone and any special services directly related to the management of your project.